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Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on February 27, 2009

I had the day off today but I hate sleeping in late (usually…) so I was up at 8am to work out. Ok, I really like sleeping late, the part I hate is wasting a whole morning. Anyways. After that, I sat down to drink my coffee, eat my pancakes and watch cartoons. If you are a very stressed out person (me) cartoons are really cheap therapy. Some form of Scooby Doo was on, they are little kids in the show. First of all, I forgot that the nerdy one, thelma?, says “jinkeys” which is awesome and I plan on introducing that into my vocabulary. Secondly, I can absolutely relate to Shaggy and Scooby on two levels – eating all the time and being a scaredy cat.  I thought about the time in college when one of my best friends, Jodi, and I came back to our house in Athens to find the back door wide open. We both stopped in our tracks and saw the swinging door (cue whistling wind sound, in my head) wide open. “Dude – did you do that?” “No dude. You know I wouldn’t” We kicked our legs into that circle run that Thelma does and ran out to the car. “Ok. Obviously, there’s someone hiding in the house waiting to kill us. We have to go find someone to check it out for us” ” Yes, that is very logical”

We drove downtown because in a town like Athens you are bound to run into someone you know wherever you go. The first person we found to help was Jen, who weighs about as much as my left leg. We explained the story and why we couldn’t go in the house. She rolled her eyes and asked why we couldn’t just go in and look ourselves. Jodi and I clucked softly. Jen rolled her eyes, got in the car and agreed to go back with us. I, as a protective measure, stood outside by the car while J and J checked out the inside. “I will go get help if I hear screaming” I yelled from inside the car.  Jen rolled her eyes again and, a little over dramatically I think, started opening closet doors and kicking the shower curtain. “It’s all clear, you big babies.” We clucked again and thanked her for her assistance.

My friend Jodi and I have been on many awesome adventures since we met 10  years or some junk. We’re about to embark on another as we’re leaving for a 4 day junk food and cupcake tour of NYC at the end of March. I can’t even begin to explain the maps we have created and how much effort has gone into orchestrating a schedule that involves a breakfast, first and second lunches and dinner along with snacks in between. We travel well together because we can talk or not talk for hours, I hate to drive, she loves to drive, we love to eat, we’re both early risers, etcetera etcetara so on and so forth.

Anyways, I made some copycat Levain Choc Chip Cookies. Will post recipe and pics when they’re done.

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