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rollerskates and curry

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 1, 2009

meh, I’m kinda tired so the title isn’t that inventive. I joined some friends  last night for roller derby night at the Yaraab Temple. This was my introduction to the world of Roller Girls and I will be back. It pretty much kicked ass in ways I can’t describe. The venue is a bit odd, it’s a Shriners temple but that just adds the charm of the event.

After we passed our tickets to the girls on stilts (? I still don’t get it) we shuffled around back to find a seat on the bleachers. I had browsed the website earlier ( and already picked out a favorite roller girl – the one with the bunny ears. Why? She said she picked her name (Killy Wabbit) so she could wear bunny ears on her helmet. Sold.  All the girls have names like Elle Beaux, Sissy Splaycek, Reba Smackentire, you get the picture. I was particular taken by the performance of the Merchant of Menace and the Belle of the Brawl. And Juju. They all kicked ass.

In short, the game is women on skates elbowing and pushing each other around while wearing fishnet tights and makeup and if you don’t understand why that is awesome then I can’t help you. There are jeerleaders who I’m guessing used the Smells Like Teen Spirit video as inspiration for their cheers and uniforms.  There weren’t any real fights but I think we were sitting behind the retired rollergirls who towards the end started yelling at the opposing team and flipping them the bird. Fantastic.

As a bonus, I bought a tshirt for the Denim Demons because my friend and I agreed it was clearly the most metal of all the graphics.

After the derby, we stood outside in the drizzling rain for a half time show which was burlesque. I don’ t really “get” burlesque, but I respect it. We were hungry, it was raining, so we left before it really got started. Dinner was at Ma Li – a favorite Thai place in Virgina Highlands. Chicken Panang Curry – hot hot hot – Omnomnomnomnomnom A+ food but D- for charging 2 bucks extra for brown rice.

Also, I unloaded two of my choc. cookies from yesterday on them, I’m anxious to hear the unbiased review.

As a side note, I just made what may be the best cookie in the entire universe. Will post pictures later.


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  1. elroi said, on March 4, 2009 at 2:38 am

    Time for the cookie review.

    The first member of our household to sample the cookies was Leonard. Apparently, the aroma seeped through the ziplock to lure him. He chewed through the corner of the bag and starting licking the treats inside before we realized what he was up to and promptly moved his snack from the breakfast bar to the pantry. Clearly, Lenny is a fan.

    Ok, so I looked for the recipe on this blog and didn’t find it. 2 questions:

    1. Was there white chocolate involved?
    2. What tasted like anise?

    Aly claims there was no white chocolate, but I swear there was. Anyway, I love a chocolate cookie with nuts in it, so these sure pleased me. I also liked how rich they were. This meant that I could not eat one in one sitting–well, they were also quite large and heavy. Aly’s comment: they are like scones.

    So, the next night when I returned to finish my cookie, all that was left was a pile of chip-less crumbs and bits. At some point, Aly decided to eat all the chocolate chips out of the cookies, and leave the rest of the morsels for me to feel sad about.

    Therefore, I am requesting another round. This time I will hide them away from the cat and the pregnant lady.

  2. omnomnominator said, on March 4, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Hmm, no anise for sure and no white Chocolate. There was a mix of semi sweet and milk chocolate.

    I’m glad that Lenny enjoyed them though! I was not that impressed with the cookie personally but glad you kinda enjoyed them. I feel as though I need to give you a batch of my brown sugar cookies to make up for having to eat those.

  3. Aly said, on March 4, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    i have no excuse. The first step is admitting that I am powerless over chocolate chips.

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