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Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 26, 2009

Ok, I’ve not posted anything in a few days. I have been making granola to put in a homemade granola bread but I keep eating all the granola before I get a chance to use it. So, it’s been an endless cycle. I tried to fix it last night by making a double batch so I can try and stay ahead of my grazing long enough to make some bread.I really haven’t even cooked any this week which is a little sad.

It’s kind of pathetic, really.

Anyways, maybe I’ll be able to start the bread tonight. I’m wanting to make some cookies too. Perhaps some rocky road cookies and another go at a new chocolate chip recipe…Next week is new york trip so I’ll have LOTS of pictures of good stuff hopefully. And then probably equal amounts of photos of empty plates and me with frosting all over my head.


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