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The probably little anticipated New York Parts 3 and 4

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on April 23, 2009

Whew. It’s been really really busy round here. But I have my trusty moleskine with all my scribbles in it so I’m going to finish this out if nothing more for more my own record.

April 1st – Day 3 we had tickets for the NBC studio tour at 10am and I thought we could squeeze in a trip to Chelsea Market beforehand and grab some cupcakes from Elinis. I ordered a half dozen cupcakes – they’re all vanilla with buttercream and not nearly as good as I remembered them from the last trip. We also stopped by Amy’s bread and I got a Hot Cross Bun (delicious. No picture, sorry.) And Jodi got some delicious meat and cheese biscuit. We hustled over to NBC studios and took a very interesting tour. Partly interesting because we were the only two not part of a huge exchange student class, although we may have blended in…


After the tour we stopped in at H and M in Times Square. I give that store 5 noms just for its size but 1 nom for its stupid escalator.  We decided to head to Burgers and Cupcakes for lunch. This place started the entire idea of the food tour in NYC. I saw it last time I was there a few years ago and had been thinking of it ever since. We got off at the proper subway stop, walked a few blocks and stared at the address on the awning.


J: Dude


J: Dude

Me: Are you sure this is right?

J: Check the website


So, yeah, Burgers and cupcakes went out of business. They didn’t pull their website though. We were very sad for a bit. We ended up taking a cab to Katz’s deli since it was on the list. I would not recommend this place personally. We both got sandwiches that cost FIFTEEN DOLLARS. And mine was not a fifteen dollar sandwich. 4 bucks, maybe. I ended up eating a few cupcakes from Elinis to make up for it.

Katz sandwich. Jodi's was better than mine

Katz sandwich. Jodi's was better than mine

No chips but some weird ass pickles come with your FIFTEEN DOLLAR sandwich

No chips but some weird ass pickles come with your FIFTEEN DOLLAR sandwich

Get down on it

Get down on it


Since it was our last day, we decided to head to Brooklyn and walk around Park slope a bit. Met two very nice people on the subway, one fellow is a wedding cake baker and gave us some good advice on where to head. Whatever that main drag is there through Park Slope was full of interesting little shops and what nots. We sat at a coffee shop for a bit and then headed over to Chip Shop. I think I expected a lot more but also this was only maybe 3-4 hours after Katz’s so I was still really full. We split some super fried plate, including: Fried mac and Cheese, a salad, Fish and Chips, Mushroom Mac and Cheese, Rhubarb  Cobbler and 4 berry stew. I give Chip Shop 3 noms out of 5 but maybe if I was hungrier I could appreciate it. Of course I ate til I was about to pop. again. and then we headed back to the hotel so I could roll around on the bed again and groan “i can’t believe I ate all that.”

Day 4 we left for the airport but our flight was super delayed so we sprinted up to the upper west side and visited the Natural History Museum. I dragged us over to Levain “Home of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie” – Meh. It was ok. We found a Jaques Torres a few doors down and their still warm cookie was probably the best I’ve actually ever had.

Levain Cookie. Meh.

Levain Cookie. Meh.

I think that’s it.So, we hit many many spots however there were equally as many we didn’t get to and then of course new ones will be added so….I guess I’ll start planning the next trip.


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  1. Andi - the better cook said, on April 23, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    That is so sad about Cupcakes and Burgers!! Just checked their site and its soooo cute!! 😦

    also, please include me on the plans for the next trip.

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