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Fireworks in my grill

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on July 7, 2009
My folks came up from Savannah on July 3rd for my dad’s birthday. We celebrated by driving my mom all over town (Sugarloaf Parkway!) and I grilled up some pizzas for dinner. My mom bought a cake at the Korean grocery store (“I like Korean icing better. It’s better than American” “Really? Because this is a French Buttercream”)

The koreans will trick you by creating the most delicious looking pastry you’ve ever seen…and then you bite into it and discover it’s filled with beans. They love bean filled pastries, can’t get enough. So as soon as my mom started eyeballing the cake I made it clear that we weren’t getting my dad a cake filled with red beans for his birthday.

The cake was phenomenal though. Coffee with chocolate coffee beans. OMNOMNOMNOM. When there are multiple Omnomnominators in the house, cake does not last very long so of course my dad, brother and I ate it all in 1.25 sittings.  It was a small cake though….

4th of July was a cookout with friends. I kept it simple with burgers but made some stuffed mushrooms (stuffed with smoked gouda), burgers with smoked gouda and white cheddar cheese on kaiser rolls, corn on the cob steamed in the husk and covered in a chipotle mayo, caprese salad with fresh basil and pasta salad with tons of veggies. OMNOMNOMNOMNOM. Then we had some ice cream for dessert and then I think I ate some more later after everyone left. Oh yeah, we totally did that. I remember now. Anyways, pics….

Picture 003







Picture 006








Caprese Salad

Summertime! I love it. Nomnomnom

Summertime! I love it. Nomnomnom


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