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New York – Act 3, Scene 1.

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on September 29, 2009
on our way. To eat.

on our way. To eat.

Well. It’s been some time, hasn’t it?

We moved from the Ace Hotel (sniff sniff) to the Hilton Garden Inn to save some cash and use some points. It was a nice place, very very touristy. Right near the Macy’s Herald Square – I’m sure you’ve heard of that one. After a breakfast of leftover Chickalicious cupcakes we grabbed the cameras after dropping off the gear and went on a polaroid tour of the area and if a snack happened to pop up along the way = well? what could we do?

We were right next to Korea town (which seems smaller than Korea town in Atlanta) and I had heard good things about this place. Luckily it was not hard to find. Since this was L’s first intro to Mandoo (korean dumplings that can be fried or steamed) we ordered a sampler platter.  It was good – Mandoo is one of those hard to go wrong snacks. I’ve definitely had better and the prices were a little steep but Korean usually is. Right next door was a place I never heard of but had to try – Emo’s Kimbab. A place that sells only Kimbab next to a place that only sells Mandoo??? Only in New York. Unless your in Korea, I guess. Tiny little place (Emo is Korean for Aunt) with 3 people working in what I’d guess was 25 square feet. But oh it was good….Kimbab is Korean sushi, I guess. That’s how we explain it to the white people. It’s just different though. Kim in Korean means Seaweed (Or, at least the seaweed you wrap around the roll) and bab is rice. Get it? Anyways, for like $5 bucks they make you a roll right there. It’s a very hearty sized snack.

I’m not sure we really went much of anywhere, just wandered a bit. Ended up eating a hot dog from a street cart and a Lemon Sugar Crepe at the Creperie which was divine. I tried to find a very particular restarunt in Little Italy but grew tired so we parked it in some espresso bar and relaxed for a bit.

Fancy espresso

Action shot!

Action shot!



















After heading back to the hotel room to take a shower and recharge we boarded the subway to the eaaaast side to meet some old friends for a drink or three. After happy hour turned into happy hours I was of course starving and realized we were very near SMAC – They ONLY sell Mac and Cheese. What what? L’s friend joined us for this portion of the trip. We ordered the Alpine, Cheesburger and 4 Cheese. I ate mine and finished the others.

I could stick my head in that pan

I could stick my head in that pan

I listend to L and A and peppered them both with questions about being Goth. I am not Goth, I have never wanted to be Goth and doubt I will ever be Goth but I am fascinated by the goths. I mean, c’mon – who wouldn’t want to go on this??? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me.

We said our goodbye’s to A and wandered the streets in further yogurt research. We found ourselves at a Red Mango and since everyone had said ‘ohh, red mango’s so good blah blah” i said ok, we’ll try it. Uh, no. Luckily, there was a pinkberry across the street and we were able to wash that Red Mango inferior yogurt taste out with some REAL fro yo. Yo.

Washing red mango

Washing red mango

So, after dessert #2 we headed back for our last night and started to pass out until I made L pull up some Goth dance videos on youtube. It’s not my fault, she brought it up over dinner.

Until we meet again, New York!


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