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Pecan Pie

Posted in Pie by user72521 on November 21, 2010

I like Thanksgiving but it was my mom’s favorite holiday. In her honor, I made the pecan pie. She was not much of a baker but this was one thing she loved to bake and eat. In July she had shelled about 10 cups of pecans to give me at Thanksgiving. I took them home after the funeral and have kept them in the freezer until today. Some things I think only moms can do such as mend anything and it not look like someone with a hook for a hand and/or missing a thumb did it (like my mending jobs) or shell pecans so they come out in complete halves. I looked at the bag of pecans this morning in amazement as usual that over half the bag is in perfect halves. I knew my mom would have been so proud of that fact too so I thought I would showcase the halves in my pie.

Pecan pies are best made a day or two ahead of time and freeze really really well so no harm in making it 4 days before showtime. I have a caramel apple cake in the oven too so the house pretty much smells ok.

Whole halves

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