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Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 4, 2009

I rode with Snuggles to the cajun place up on Moreland, mostly just to get out for a minute and stretch my legs. It’s a tiny place, 4 or 5 tables and a drive thru. Typical fast foodish New Orleans fare (po’ boys, red beans and rice etc) and decorated in that yellow and green Cajuns seem to favor so much. And why do they love sno-cones so much in New Orleans? Not enough sugar and flavor to ice ratio for my taste….I  remember when I was younger all the kids had their birthday party at the Savannah Skate Inn and when we tired of accidentally running into the carpeted walls because we couldn’t stop on our own, we played foosball on our rollerskates until some klutz dropped her sno-cone. An unsuspecting roller skater would roll by and end up stuck in time in the sticky puddle, like in a syrup fly trap.

So for lunch I  tried a small bowl of the jambalaya – I give it a C-.  I had already decided that I’m going to make my own Jambalaya sometime this week and eating this bowl of  rice with 2 slices of sausage and a funky chunk of chicken (no veggies or shrimp that I could see) cemented the desire to make some stuff I’d want to eat.  The hot sauce they have is pretty good though.

I don’t think I’ll try that again, but Snugs says the Po’ Boy is  pretty good.

I made some pasta tonight – I used Muir Glen Italian Herb sauce and added Morningstar’s Meal starters to it and a can of green beans. Mix in some cooked whole wheat rotini and it’s pretty good eating if you ask me. And a big ol salad because I was craving it.



I went ahead and cooked up some chicken for the next two days cause my schedule gets a little rough starting tomorrow. I bought these chicken burgers a bit ago from Kroger. I thought it sounded interesting and they are…interesting. These were the last two in the box so I went ahead and cooked them up. I also threw on a few Chicken breasts and covered them in my new favorite rub – Dizzy Pig’s Jamaican Firewalk. It’s sweet and spicy, just like me. Except for the sweet part. and the spicy. Anyways, it’s good, I love all the Dizzy Pig products, good for what ails you. I cooked up a mess of mixed veggies too to go with my chicken. omnomnomnom

Chicken Burger...Interesting

Chicken Burger...Interesting

Dizzy Pig! omnomnomnom

Dizzy Pig! omnomnomnom

Also, I am current in training for a marathon. A marathon of pizza eating. Wondertwin and I will be attempting the Carnivore challenge.

I mocked up a model of the pizza (out of recycling paper) and showed it to Wondertwin (WT), concerned over the size.

Me: It’s 11 pounds

WT: Mmmmmm. You’re makin’ me hungry

Me: It’s 5 lbs of meat

WT: mmmmm

Me: So that means it 6 pounds of dough

WT: I love bread! mmmmmm

We doodled bacon and pepperoni and WT drew one awesome spidey pig on the paper slice, for inspiration. It hangs in my office as a reminder of what I’m training for.

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