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Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 12, 2009

My friend and I are going to New York in a few weeks for a donut /  cupcake / cookie junk food tour of the city, along with some other stuff I guess.  We are deep fry fans to say the least. We’ve deep fried candy bars, cupcakes, donuts, burgers, bananas, oreos, I forget what else. Through trial and error, we have discovered that cap’n crunch makes a phenomenal breading for deep frieds and that reeces peanut butter cups don’t fry very well. One that we never thought to try, I guess because we haven’t fried at Easter time, is a deep fried cadbury egg. I found this today on a site:

yup. Chip shop is already on the list to visit because they fry all kinds of desserts but I asked Jodi if we could make this a number one priority (of course we can.)

I am also including this link as a bonus:

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