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Baby showers, Bread and Brownies

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 22, 2009

So I’m going to try and make some bread. I got on a bread baking kick for a few months and each one was a disaster. It looked good, smelled good, everything was supposed to be right but it had no flavor. Not bad flavor, just no flavor. Hope springs eternal though and I have a new book so we’ll see what happens. This new book calls for super slow rises of the dough, my first batch of oat bread is in the fridge currently. I didn’t take any pictures because there was flour flying all around, mostly on me. It was like the Swedish Chef was in there bork bork borking his way around.

I also went baby shower shopping with one of the co-planners of the shower. I think it was a rather successful trip. I did think we were going to be off to a very poor start on a social level, though, for the comment to my dog, while petting him, “Oh, your bark is MUCH bigger than your bite. MUCH“. Ok lady, he heard you. We all did. He must have an extra super huge bark then, I guess.

While shopping, the lady at party city peeped in our shopping cart and said ‘Well. That’s a very interesting assortment of items. What kind of party are you having exactly?’ Party? What party? This giant inflatable crab is for my house.  I also learned a good deal about Michael’s today – including that bandanas are normally found in the sweater embellishment aisle, not the make your own bear aisle as previously thought. I also learned (later) that a pegasus unicorn combination is called a pegacorn. Who knew? So, pretty much your typical Sunday.

Today is brownies day. I found a recipe for cream cheese brownies that looked pretty good. I didn’t like the fact that I had to make superfine sugar, but otherwise looks ok. Will post review and pics later. Here’s the before photo though (I am NOT good at making pretty things. Tasty yes. Pretty no.)

Don't judge a brownie by it's cover

Don't judge a brownie by it's cover

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