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Lesson 3 – Clowns

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on March 7, 2010

I took the third lesson in my Wilton Cake decorating course yesterday. We learned the shell border, how to pipe figure faces and clowns! We were to apply these techniques to a cake so I did. Cake decorating is fun! Yes, I am available for birthday party cakes.

Also, I bought some plastic figures to go on cakes. I got: Pinnochio, some really badly painted hunters with what I think are dogs but look like hairless cats, some mini beer cans and some ninjas. When I saw the ninjas I thought “There’s only one packet left! I Better grab it!” When I checked out, the lady said to her coworker “I can’t believe someone is finally buying the ninjas” The cake is cookies and cream and I bet was good but I’m doing bootcamp so I didn’t eat any ­čśŽ We brought it to a friend’s going away party and she seemed very pleased with it.

This is the cake we were supposed to create but I don’t know anyone named Chris turning 1, so……:

I made this:

Everyone loves a clown!

Check out my Shell border and dots!

I used the star technique from our first lesson. Quite pastoral, I think


Cake Decorator! Sorta. Ok, not really. But maybe one day!

Posted in Uncategorized by user72521 on February 23, 2010

L signed me up for the first Wilton Cake Decorating class (Level 1) as  Christmas present. (Along with getting me a super duty awesome cake turntable yes.)

I took my first class this past weekend. I was the youngest person, or at least tied with the other Asian (You can never tell how old we are) by about 30-40 years. Oh, actually, no, there were two friends probably younger than us. But then the age gap was staggeringly awesome. We didn’t get to actually ice or decorate or stick our face in the bowl of icing (although she passed around three bowls and it was VERY difficult to not give it a try.)

We have some homework for next weekend and luckily I already own 90% of the junk they want you to buy so I don’t have a big investment here. Because I just can’t wait I baked a cake yesterday to go ahead and start practicing. It’s going to work with C. tomorrow. Not bad looking, especially for my first real try. The icing was a little too thin so I’m glad I practiced. I think most everyone is going to make and decorate some cake with flowers on it but I opted for this beauty instead. The picture in the book says “5 shawn” but I’m thinking of what I want mine to say…

So, here’s my first try! It’s white on white. Very chic…

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